Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

The curriculum of Holy Name Catholic School is designed to meet or exceed both national, state and local requirements. You may find the Alaska State standards at www.education.alaska.gov/standards/ for a complete list of grade level standards and benchmarks that are taught at our school. A cycle is established to evaulate the objectives and textbooks of each subject area regularly.

The following subjects comprise our core curriculum: Religious Education, Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

In addition the core curriculum is enhanced with: Art, Physical Education, Library, and Technology.

The pre-kindergarten classes follow the Early Learning Guidelines written by the Alaska Department of Education. These standards are designed as a guide for implementing appropriate practices in early learning environments.  You may find these standards at www.education.alaska.gov/publications/EarlyLearningGuidelines.pdf

Curriculum Road Map 

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