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About Holy Name Catholic School

Our Mission Statement
Holy Name Catholic School is a vital part of the mission of Holy Name Catholic Church.  Holy Name will provide a   Christ-centered academic environment designed to promote the total development of the child.  Our ministry as a school extends beyond our students to all faculty, staff, and family members, in a way that strives to invite them to integrate the gospel of Christ into their daily lives and to become an active part of the Christian community.
Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is to teach as Christ taught. HNCS will provide superior academic opportunities through a challenging curriculum, while promoting the ongoing formation and spiritual growth of the next generation.  This is done in order to prepare students to live out the Gospel and to meet their full potential in a life of service as living witnesses of Christ in society.

Our History

Records show that the Mass was first celebrated in Ketchikan at the Redman Hall in 1899 and that in 1904 a building on Grant St. was purchased for a church.

In September of 1946, 45 students enrolled in the fledgling school, with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace as its teachers.  

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